Website Optimization


We will perform WordPress Website Optimization on Page Speed, GTMetrix, Please send me your website URL for a free diagnosis and my recommendations before you consider my placing order. Reports from Google Insight & GTMetrix. You will get above 90% GTMetrix and YSlow scores.


WEBSITE OPTIMIZATION: Website Speed & Performance
  1. Reduce server response time
  2. Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content
  3. Leverage browser caching
  4. Minify HTML
  5. Optimize images
  6. YSlow improvements
  7. Remove unnecessary codes/script/CSS. Which is not meant to be there.
  8. Defer JavaScript Reduce Too many HTTP requests
  9. Image scaling


  1. Your Site Login Link
  2. WP-Admin Login
  3. cPanel Login or Hosting Account Login Details (Optional)
  4. Backup mail to send backup


Project Duration

  • Website Delivery Duration is 3 to 5 Days (After you provide all required details)
Website Optimization
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